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Day S. Grades: 5 - 8
# of Students: 20
Teacher:Student: 1:5%
IB: No

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Frequently Ask Questions about Wreath School, Inc

Tell me a bit about Wreath School, Inc.
Wreath School, Inc is All-boys private day school located in Massachusetts, US. , and currently has about 20 students.
Does Wreath School, Inc have rigorous academic requirements?
We are collecting academic data from Wreath School, Inc, but don't have the data yet. Please check back later.
Where do Wreath School, Inc students typically go for their colleges?
We don't have matriculation data of Wreath School, Inc yet, please check back later.
What is the application requirement for Wreath School, Inc?
Similar to most private schools in the US, Wreath School, Inc’s typical admission requirements include school transcript, recommendation letter, application essay, and interview (often optional, but highly recommended).
What is the latest tuition for Wreath School, Inc’s All-boys student?
The total fee for Wreath School, Inc in 2024 is $N/A, which typically includes tuition, boarding fee, student management fee and a few other fees associated with managing international students.
Where is Wreath School, Inc located?
Wreath School, Inc is located in the State of Massachusetts of USA. The closest major city is Boston, which is about 17 miles away from school. Most families can choose Logan International Airport to travel in and out of school.
How popular is Wreath School, Inc on FindingSchool network?
Based on FindingSchool monthly traffic data as well as onsite search record, Wreath School, Inc is within top 20000 for all schools on FindingSchool.

How to start with an application with Wreath School, Inc?
The first stop is to carefully review the school profile on FindingSchool to learn more about Wreath School, Inc. Most of them are directly provided by the school.

Also it is highly recommended to or call them at 978-774-6111.
Please share a few nearby schools that are close to Wreath School, Inc?
Yes, here are few: St. John's Preparatory School MA, Plumfield Academy and Covenant Christian Academy.

The closest major city is Boston. You can find out more schools near Boston here.
What is the FindingSchool rating for Wreath School, Inc?
We are sorry but FindingSchool hasn't rated Wreath School, Inc yet, please check back later.
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