Horace Mann is a co-educational college preparatory day school enrolling students in Nursery through Twelfth Grade. Among the top independent day schools in the country, Horace Mann is best known for a superb academic program that draws talented young people from three states and as far away as 50 miles. Horace Mann seeks to educate and nurture its students and to help them fulfill their potential. To attain this goal, the School provides a challenging and rigorous set of academic and extracurricular programs within a caring and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to test and learn about themselves, to develop a concern for others and to grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. The School seeks to foster a capacity in each individual for clear and creative thought. The School encourages students to understand that learning is a lifelong endeavor that is valuable in itself.
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A+ Day
A+ Matriculation
A Academics
A+ Extracurricular activities
A+ Community
B Reviews
B- Int. student mgmt

Day S. Grades: Nursery-12
Day S. Tuition: $61,900
# of Students: 1,793
Teacher:Student: 1:8%
International Student: 2%
AP Courses: 0
Faculty w/ adv. degree: 79%
SAT: 1447/1600
IB: No

US Day School


Ranking University/College Students
#1 Princeton University 10
#2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1
#3 Harvard College 19
#3 Stanford University 1
#3 Yale University 14
LAC #1 Williams College 1
#6 University of Chicago 50
#7 University of Pennsylvania 22
#9 California Institute of Technology 1
#10 Duke University 10
#10 Northwestern University 10
LAC #2 Amherst College 1
#13 Brown University 1
#13 Vanderbilt University 10
#15 Rice University 1
#15 Washington University in St. Louis 13
#17 Cornell University 39
#18 Columbia University 20
#20 University of California: Berkeley 1
#20 University of California: Los Angeles 1
LAC #4 Swarthmore College 1
#22 Carnegie Mellon University 1
#22 Emory University 1
#22 Georgetown University 23
#25 New York University 15
#25 University of Michigan 18
#25 University of Southern California 1
LAC #5 Wellesley College 1
#29 Wake Forest University 1
LAC #6 Bowdoin College 1
LAC #6 Carleton College 1
#32 Tufts University 1
#36 Boston College 1
#36 University of Rochester 1
#38 University of Texas at Austin 1
#38 University of Wisconsin-Madison 1
#41 Boston University 1
#44 Brandeis University 1
#44 Case Western Reserve University 1
#44 Georgia Institute of Technology 1
#44 Tulane University 1
#51 Lehigh University 1
#51 Purdue University 1
#51 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1
#51 Spelman College 1
LAC #11 Middlebury College 1
#62 George Washington University 1
#62 Syracuse University 1
LAC #13 Smith College 1
#67 Texas A&M University 1
#72 American University 1
#72 Fordham University 1
#72 Indiana University Bloomington 1
#72 Sarah Lawrence College 1
#72 Southern Methodist University 1
LAC #15 Davidson College 1
LAC #15 Hamilton College 1
#76 Muhlenberg College 1
#77 Michigan State University 1
SUNY University at Stony Brook 1
SUNY University at Binghamton 1
#85 University of Puget Sound 1
#89 Howard University 1
LAC #18 Barnard College 10
LAC #18 Colgate University 1
LAC #18 Haverford College 1
LAC #18 University of Richmond 1
LAC #18 Wesleyan University 1
#97 Clark University 1
#97 University of Illinois at Chicago 1
LAC #24 Colby College 1
#121 Temple University 1
LAC #25 Bates College 1
LAC #27 Colorado College 1
LAC #27 Macalester College 1
#136 SUNY College at Purchase 1
LAC #29 Harvey Mudd College 1
LAC #33 Pitzer College 1
LAC #33 Scripps College 1
LAC #37 Bucknell University 1
LAC #39 Lafayette College 1
LAC #39 Skidmore College 1
LAC #39 Trinity College 1
#234 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 1
LAC #60 Bard College 1
LAC #61 Gettysburg College 1
American University of Paris 1
Babson College 1
Belmont College 1
California Polytechnic State University: San Luis Obispo 1
City University of New York: Hunter College 1
Culinary Institute of America 1
Emerson College 1
Loyola University Maryland 1
Manhattanville College 1
McGill University 1
Oberlin College 1
Penn State University Park 1
St. Andrews University 1
St. John's College 1
SUNY College at Plattsburgh 1
Union College 1
University of British Columbia 1
University of Oxford 1
University of Toronto 1
Xavier University of Louisiana 1


(Total 21)
Cross Country
Field Hockey
American Football
Cross Country
Field Hockey
American Football
Table Tennis
Track and Field
Water Polo
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Extracurricular Activities and Clubs

(Total 85)
ASL Awareness Club
Autism Acceptance Club
Black Hair Care Club (BHCC)
Cancer Awareness Club
Criminal Justice Club (CJC)
Feminist Students Association
Green HM
Healthier at HM
Jump for Joy
ASL Awareness Club
Autism Acceptance Club
Black Hair Care Club (BHCC)
Cancer Awareness Club
Criminal Justice Club (CJC)
Feminist Students Association
Green HM
Healthier at HM
Jump for Joy
Wellness Initiative Club
Cryptocurrency Club
Economics Club
Horace Mann Business League (HMBL)
The Investors Club
Women in Business
Horace Mann Happiness Club (HMHC)
When You Were Us
Chess Club
Dungeons and Dragons Club (DnD)
Animation Nation
Automotive Engineering Club
HM Film Club
Horace Mann Chefs United for the Culture (HMCUFC)
OutDorrs Club
Ready to Wear
Spirit Squad
Studio HM
Woodworking Club
Zen Club
Classics Society
French Club
HM History Club
HuMannities: Philosophy Club
Changing Our Relation to Race (CORTR)
East Wind West Wind
Horace Mann for Islamic Awareness
Jewish Culture Club
LatinX Advocacy Club
NYC Interfaith Network
The Union
Citymeals on Wheels
Crafts for Cancer
Game Knights
Grassroots Grocery
Horace Mann Homelessness Outreach Club (HMHOC)
Horace Mann Music Outreach Club
Hospital Outreach Club
JASA Connect
Middle Division Math Tutoring Program
Saturday Morning Tutoring Program
Debate: Parliamentary
Debate: Public Forum
Ethics Bowl Club
HM Speech Team
Mock Trial
Model Congress
Model United Nations
Poetry Out Loud
TedEd – Student Talks
Athletic Mentor Program
Horace Mann Dance Company (HMDC)
Horace Mann Theatre Company (HMTC)
HM Fitness
Lions’ Report
Sports Analytics Club
Bioethics Club
Chemistry Club
Evolutionary Biology Club
FRC Robotics
FTC Robotics
Fun With Tech
Girls Who Code
Math Team
Physics Club
Programming Club
Science Bowl
Science Olympiad
Students in Medicine
Women in Stem
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(Total 6)
Music Theory

Basic Info

Year Founded: 1887
Campus Size: 18 acres
Religious Affiliation: No Religious Affiliation

Application Info

Deadline: 11/15
Interview: On Campus
Other Accepted Scores: ISEE
School Code:
SSAT: 4006
ISEE: 336484



Brief Reviews

(Total 7)
5.0/ 5

Detailed Reviews

(Total 0)
0.0 / 5 Overall
0.0 / 5 Academics
0.0 / 5 Campus
0.0 / 5 Student Life
0.0 / 5 Athletic&Art
0.0 / 5 Transportation


(Total 24)

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Frequently Ask Questions about Horace Mann School

Tell me a bit about Horace Mann School.
Horace Mann School is Co-ed private day school located in New York, US. It was founded 1887 , and currently has about 1793 students, 2.00% of whom are international students.

For more official information, please visit http://www.horacemann.org.
Does Horace Mann School have rigorous academic requirements?
In recent years, 76 of their students score 4 and 5 in AP exams.

Horace Mann School also have 79% of faculties whose degrees are master and above.
Where do Horace Mann School students typically go for their colleges?
In 2020-2022, some students attended Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard College, Stanford University and Yale University.
What is the application requirement for Horace Mann School?
Similar to most private schools in the US, Horace Mann School’s typical admission requirements include school transcript, recommendation letter, application essay, and interview (often optional, but highly recommended).
What is the latest tuition for Horace Mann School’s Co-ed student?
The total fee for Horace Mann School in 2024 is $61,900, which typically includes tuition, boarding fee, student management fee and a few other fees associated with managing international students.

For more information, please contact school’s admission team at admissions@horacemann.org .
Where is Horace Mann School located?
Horace Mann School is located in the State of New York of USA.
How popular is Horace Mann School on FindingSchool network?
Based on FindingSchool monthly traffic data as well as onsite search record, Horace Mann School is among the most popular schools, within top 153 for all schools on FindingSchool.

Also Horace Mann School has been favorited by 157 users.
How to start with an application with Horace Mann School?
The first stop is to carefully review the school profile on FindingSchool to learn more about Horace Mann School. Most of them are directly provided by the school.

Also it is highly recommended to visit Horace Mann School’s official site: http://www.horacemann.org or call them at 718-432-4000.
Please share a few nearby schools that are close to Horace Mann School?
What is the FindingSchool rating for Horace Mann School?
The overall rating for Horace Mann School is A+.

The section ratings of Horace Mann School are:
A+ for Matriculation
A for Academics
A+ for Extracurriculum
A+ for Community
B for Students and Parents reviews
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