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Cradle of modern pedagogy, progressive pedagogical ideas, based on principles of respect, responsibility, and open-mindedness Excellence in education for over 230 years One of Switzerland's leading sports schools (home of Olympic Champions) Ignite: Switzerland - A program for the curious, passionate, and brave, extraordinary learning experience, both in the classroom and outdoors, a transformative journey Healthy, pure, stunning alpine setting - Switzerland at its best Switzerland - the security you want for your child


HIF Swiss International School and Sports Academy HIF is an open-hearted campus community where young people from around the world can thrive in the sublime, health-giving environment of the Swiss Alps. It is a co-educational secondary school offering a range of educational programmes for students in school years/grades 7 to 12. HIF Sports Academy For over 30 years, the HIF has been not only one of Switzerland's leading sports schools with a proud tradition in training elite athletes who participated with great success in the Olympic Winter Games but also a certified Swiss-Ski performance center in disciplines such as cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboard freestyle, and biathlon. With state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of professional coaches and staff, the HIF Sports Academy strives to provide every athlete the opportunity to utilize their full potential.
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Boarding Age: 12-18
Day Age: 12-18
Boarding Tuition: CHF 72,800
# of Students: 100
Teacher:Student: 1:7%
International Student: 50%
IB: No

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Hochalpines Institut Ftan Hochalpines Institut Ftan Hochalpines Institut Ftan Hochalpines Institut Ftan Hochalpines Institut Ftan Hochalpines Institut Ftan Hochalpines Institut Ftan Hochalpines Institut Ftan Hochalpines Institut Ftan Hochalpines Institut Ftan Hochalpines Institut Ftan Hochalpines Institut Ftan
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Swiss Matura
Swiss Bilingual Matura
Extracurricular Activities, Clubs and Sports (Total 13)
Strength and Conditioning
Alpine Skiing
Track and Field
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Digital Photography
Graphic Design
Oil Painting
Creative Arts
Digital Photography
Graphic Design
Oil Painting
Creative Arts
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Year Founded: 1793
Religious Affiliation: No Religious Affiliation

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Deadline: Rolling
Interview: On Campus, Microsoft Teams

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Frequently Ask Questions about Hochalpines Institut Ftan

Tell me a bit about Hochalpines Institut Ftan.
Hochalpines Institut Ftan is Co-ed private boarding/day school located in Switzerland. It was founded 1793 , and currently has about 100 students, 50.00% of whom are international students.

For more official information, please visit https://www.hif.ch/en/.
Does Hochalpines Institut Ftan have rigorous academic requirements?
We are collecting academic data from Hochalpines Institut Ftan, but don't have the data yet. Please check back later.
Where do Hochalpines Institut Ftan students typically go for their colleges?
We don't have matriculation data of Hochalpines Institut Ftan yet, please check back later.
What is the application requirement for Hochalpines Institut Ftan?
Similar to most private schools in the US, Hochalpines Institut Ftan’s typical admission requirements include school transcript, recommendation letter, application essay, and interview (often optional, but highly recommended).
What is the latest tuition for Hochalpines Institut Ftan’s Co-ed student?
The total fee for Hochalpines Institut Ftan in 2024 is CHF 72,800, which typically includes tuition, boarding fee, student management fee and a few other fees associated with managing international students.

For more information, please contact school’s admission team at info@hif.ch .
Where is Hochalpines Institut Ftan located?
Hochalpines Institut Ftan is located in the Switzerland.
How popular is Hochalpines Institut Ftan on FindingSchool network?
Based on FindingSchool monthly traffic data as well as onsite search record, Hochalpines Institut Ftan is within top 2000 for all schools on FindingSchool.

Also Hochalpines Institut Ftan has been favorited by 1 users.
How to start with an application with Hochalpines Institut Ftan?
The first stop is to carefully review the school profile on FindingSchool to learn more about Hochalpines Institut Ftan. Most of them are directly provided by the school.

Also it is highly recommended to visit Hochalpines Institut Ftan’s official site: https://www.hif.ch/en/ or call them at +41 81 861 2211.
Please share a few nearby schools that are close to Hochalpines Institut Ftan?
What is the FindingSchool rating for Hochalpines Institut Ftan?
We are sorry but FindingSchool hasn't rated Hochalpines Institut Ftan yet, please check back later.
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