Germantown Friends School, founded in 1845, takes its strong identity from five distinct elements: a vibrant intellectual community of teachers and students; an historic urban setting in Germantown; a diverse and multicultural faculty and student body who value difference as indispensable; a Quaker vision of what is possible for both individuals and communities; and a belief in fulfilling this vision through reflection, collaboration and action.
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A Day
A+ Matriculation
A- Academics
B+ Extracurricular activities
A+ Community
B Reviews
A Int. student mgmt

Day S. Grades: K-12
Day S. Tuition: $46,750
# of Students: 1,157
Teacher:Student: 1:5%
International Student: 1%
AP Courses: 0
Endowment: $1,245/stu.
Faculty w/ adv. degree: 75%
SAT: 1340/1600
IB: No

US Day School


(Total 4)
Germantown Friends School Germantown Friends School Germantown Friends School Germantown Friends School


Ranking University/College Students
#1 Princeton University 8
#2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1
#3 Harvard College 5
#3 Stanford University 4
#3 Yale University 1
LAC #1 Williams College 4
#6 University of Chicago 5
#7 Johns Hopkins University 3
#7 University of Pennsylvania 51
#9 California Institute of Technology 1
#10 Duke University 3
#10 Northwestern University 7
LAC #2 Amherst College 2
#12 Dartmouth College 4
#13 Vanderbilt University 1
#15 Rice University 2
#15 Washington University in St. Louis 2
LAC #3 Pomona College 4
#17 Cornell University 5
#18 Columbia University 8
#18 University of Notre Dame 1
#20 University of California: Berkeley 2
#20 University of California: Los Angeles 4
LAC #4 Swarthmore College 1
#22 Carnegie Mellon University 6
#22 Emory University 3
#22 Georgetown University 6
#25 New York University 11
#25 University of Michigan 5
#25 University of Southern California 1
#25 University of Virginia 6
#29 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 5
LAC #6 Bowdoin College 3
#32 Tufts University 14
#36 Boston College 1
#38 University of California: Davis 2
#38 University of Texas at Austin 1
#38 University of Wisconsin-Madison 5
#41 Boston University 4
#44 Brandeis University 1
#44 Case Western Reserve University 4
#44 Georgia Institute of Technology 2
#44 Northeastern University 1
#44 Tulane University 2
LAC #9 Claremont McKenna College 1
#49 University of Georgia 1
#51 Lehigh University 3
#51 Villanova University 1
#55 Santa Clara University 1
#55 University of Miami 4
LAC #11 Middlebury College 8
#62 George Washington University 11
#62 Syracuse University 5
#62 University of Pittsburgh 8
#62 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1
LAC #13 Smith College 5
LAC #13 Vassar College 11
#67 Worcester Polytechnic Institute 1
#68 St. Lawrence University 1
#72 American University 6
#72 Fordham University 4
#72 Reed College 3
#72 Sarah Lawrence College 4
LAC #15 Davidson College 1
LAC #15 Grinnell College 3
LAC #15 Hamilton College 5
#77 Loyola Marymount University 2
#77 Michigan State University 1
#81 Earlham College 1
#84 Bennington College 1
#89 Elon University 1
#89 Howard University 3
#89 University of Delaware 1
#89 Ursinus College 1
LAC #18 Barnard College 10
LAC #18 Haverford College 8
LAC #18 Wesleyan University 9
#100 Cornell College 1
#105 Drexel University 10
#105 Rochester Institute of Technology 4
#111 Goucher College 2
#121 Chapman University 1
#121 Temple University 8
#121 University of Vermont 6
#124 Morehouse College 4
LAC #25 Bates College 3
#127 Clarkson University 1
#130 Eckerd College 1
LAC #27 Macalester College 7
#137 DePaul University 2
#137 University of Kentucky 1
#151 Duquesne University 1
LAC #31 Kenyon College 3
LAC #33 College of the Holy Cross 1
LAC #33 Pitzer College 1
LAC #33 Scripps College 1
#166 Hofstra University 1
LAC #36 Mount Holyoke College 1
LAC #37 Occidental College 1
LAC #39 Skidmore College 1
LAC #39 Trinity College 1
#202 Loyola University New Orleans 1
#219 University of North Carolina at Charlotte 1
#219 University of North Carolina at Greensboro 1
#219 Widener University 2
LAC #51 Dickinson College 1
LAC #55 Connecticut College 5
LAC #60 Bard College 4
Albright College 1
Arcadia University 1
Babson College 1
Bentley University 1
Berklee College of Music 1
binghamton university, state university of new york 1
Canisius College 1
College of William and Mary 3
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art 1
Emerson College 1
Franklin & Marshall College 6
Guilford College 1
High Point University 1
Manhattan School of Music 1
Maryland Institute College of Art 1
Massachusetts Bay Community College 1
McDaniel College 1
McGill University 2
Mount St. Mary's University 1
New England Conservatory of Music 1
Oberlin College 4
Penn State Abington 1
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College 1
Penn State University Park 3
Pratt Institute 3
Rhode Island School of Design 2
Ringling College of Art and Design 1
Saint Joseph's University 1
School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1
stony brook university, state university of new york 2
Texas State University 1
The New School College of Performing Arts 4
Towson University 1
Union College 1
University of Maryland: College Park 3
University of St. Andrews 3
University of the Arts 1


(Total 5)

Extracurricular Activities and Clubs

(Total 52)
Brothers for Academic and Social Enrichment (BASE)
SAGA (Sexuality And Gender Alliance)
Support for Positive Body Image
Black Student Union (BSU)
FOCUS (Fellowship of Christians in Universities & Schools)
LASSO (Latin American Student Solidarity Organization)
Multiracial Affinity Group
South Asian Student Alliance
Brothers for Academic and Social Enrichment (BASE)
SAGA (Sexuality And Gender Alliance)
Support for Positive Body Image
Black Student Union (BSU)
FOCUS (Fellowship of Christians in Universities & Schools)
LASSO (Latin American Student Solidarity Organization)
Multiracial Affinity Group
South Asian Student Alliance
Asian Student Association (ASA)
Ways of Being Club
Admission Office Student Guides
Big Sibs
Community Action Committee
Conserving Oceans Reefs and Aquatic Life (CORAL)
Education Justice
Environmental Action Club
Germantown Community Gardeners
Global Understanding Club
High School Democrats of America (HSDA)
Human Rights Group
Knit a Square
Mock Trial
Model UN
Peer Tutoring
Philly Issues
Religion and Philosophy (RAP)
Student Advisory Council (SAC)
Animanga Club
Art Club
Bridge Club
Community Science Club
Cycling Club
Data Science Club
Dungeons and Dragons Club
GFS Quiz Bowl
Jam Club
Music Performance Club
Outing Club
Philadelphia Youth Film Festival (PHYFF)
Political Dialogue Club
Post Modern Languages: Esperanto Club
POW: People of Winter Ski and Snowboarding Club
READ (Read Enunciate and Declaim)
Student Beekeeping
Tea Time Games Club
Tiger$ Investing League
Upper School Math League
Xploring Sustainable Farming (Aquaponics Club)
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(Total 8)
Music Production
Music Production
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Basic Info

Year Founded: 1845
Campus Size: 21 acres
Religious Affiliation: Quaker

Application Info

Deadline: 01/09
Interview: Skype, On Campus
School Code:
TOEFL: 3188
SSAT: 3397
ISEE: 393325



Brief Reviews

(Total 8)
5.0/ 5

Detailed Reviews

(Total 0)
0.0 / 5 Overall
0.0 / 5 Academics
0.0 / 5 Campus
0.0 / 5 Student Life
0.0 / 5 Athletic&Art
0.0 / 5 Transportation


(Total 39)
Solebury School United States Flag
3.9 (20 reviews)
George School United States Flag
4.5 (50 reviews)

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Frequently Ask Questions about Germantown Friends School

Tell me a bit about Germantown Friends School.
Germantown Friends School is Co-ed private day school located in Pennsylvania, US. It was founded 1845 , and currently has about 1157 students, 1.13% of whom are international students.

For more official information, please visit http://www.germantownfriends.org/.
Does Germantown Friends School have rigorous academic requirements?
Germantown Friends School also have 75% of faculties whose degrees are master and above.
Where do Germantown Friends School students typically go for their colleges?
Based on the most recent matriculation data, 12.96% go to top 50 US universities and colleges*, 14.81% go to top 25, and about 15.74% go to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford and MIT.

*Ranking is based on the 2024 US News College Ranking.
What is the application requirement for Germantown Friends School?
Similar to most private schools in the US, Germantown Friends School’s typical admission requirements include school transcript, recommendation letter, application essay, and interview (often optional, but highly recommended).
What is the latest tuition for Germantown Friends School’s Co-ed student?
The total fee for Germantown Friends School in 2024 is $46,750, which typically includes tuition, boarding fee, student management fee and a few other fees associated with managing international students.

For more information, please contact school’s admission team at admissions@germantownfriends.org .
Where is Germantown Friends School located?
Germantown Friends School is located in the State of Pennsylvania of USA. The closest major city is Philadelphia, which is about 5 miles away from school. Most families can choose Philadelphia International Airport to travel in and out of school.
How popular is Germantown Friends School on FindingSchool network?
Based on FindingSchool monthly traffic data as well as onsite search record, Germantown Friends School is among the most popular schools, within top 132 for all schools on FindingSchool.

Also Germantown Friends School has been favorited by 196 users.
How to start with an application with Germantown Friends School?
The first stop is to carefully review the school profile on FindingSchool to learn more about Germantown Friends School. Most of them are directly provided by the school.

Also it is highly recommended to visit Germantown Friends School’s official site: http://www.germantownfriends.org/ or call them at 215-951-2300.
Please share a few nearby schools that are close to Germantown Friends School?
Yes, here are few: Pennsylvania School For The Deaf, Greene Street Friends School and William Penn Charter School.

The closest major city is Philadelphia. You can find out more schools near Philadelphia here.
What is the FindingSchool rating for Germantown Friends School?
The overall rating for Germantown Friends School is A.

The section ratings of Germantown Friends School are:
A+ for Matriculation
A- for Academics
B+ for Extracurriculum
A+ for Community
B for Students and Parents reviews
FindingSchool's data comes from enthusiastic users, school officials, specially invited consultants and U.S. public data sources.