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Renaissance Academy (101 reviews)
Renaissance Academy is a private boarding high school located in the Irvine area of California, USA. It is known for its fully customized curriculum and an environment designed to nurture students' athletic and artistic talents, helping them achieve their goals of gaining admission to top-tier global universities. Compared to traditional American high schools and international schools, Renaissance Academy employs individualized development plans. It offers a flexible teaching approach with one-on-one or small group instruction (3-6 students), ensuring that each student experiences a truly personalized daily schedule encompassing academics, extracurricular activities, social engagement, and pursuit of their unique interests and talents. Renaissance offers an excellent individual academic programs as well as Art, Drama, Dance, Musical Instruments. Sports include an exceptional Junior and Varsity Boys Basketball team (Wildcats), as well as golf, tennis and cross country. Renaissance Academy睿乐桑独立学院 是一所位于美国加州尔湾地区的私立寄宿高中,以全定制化的课程安排以及为 学生制造培养体育/艺术特长的环境,帮助学生达成冲刺世界顶尖院校的目标。 相较于传统的美高与国际学校,Renaissance Academy采用一人一方案的培 养计划,1V1或3-6人小班的灵活教学组合,确保每位学生每日的学习安排、 课后实践、社交活动、兴趣特长训练上实现真正意义上的个性化教学与成长!
  • California
  • fs.
  • Boarding Day: 8-12
  • Co-ed
  • 105 students


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