Individual and group therapy sessions with certified, licensed and experienced therapists are scheduled on a regular basis based upon the social/emotional needs of the student. Therapists offer support throughout the school day to students and their families. Parents and family members are involved in the treatment process in and attempt to strenghthen the family. Arlyn provides students with a therapeutic arts program to address developmental stages and related issues through visual expression by developing and enhancing self-control, frustration tolerance, socialization skills and self esteem.

Co-ed Day S. Grades: Grades 5-12
Co-ed Urban
N/A Tuition: N/A
29 # of Students: 29
Co-ed Teacher:Student: 1:3
Co-ed International Student: N/A
0 AP Courses: 0
-1.00 Endowment: N/A
-1 Faculty w/ adv. degree: N/A
-1 SAT: N/A
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